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NetDox receives U.S. export approval for strong encryption technology

25 June 1997, Business Wire

NetDox receives U.S. export approval for strong encryption technology

NetDox, Inc. today announced that the U.S. Department of Commerce has granted export approval for NetDox ePackage, a secure Internet document delivery service.

This makes NetDox the first U.S. company authorized to offer businesses a global digital delivery service protected by 128-bit encryption over the Internet without providing clear text access to key recovery agents.

"Trusted digital delivery is a critical part of electronic commerce. Companies such as NetDox, using trusted cryptography such as RSA, will be needed to broker trust in the digital world. With the global nature of electronic commerce, it's good to see that NetDox is supported by the U.S. government in taking its products and services to a worldwide market," said Jim Bidzos, CEO of RSA Data Security, Inc.

The approval is the result of a cooperative effort between NetDox, the federal government and private industry. The NetDox 128-bit encryption solution meets the needs of private industry and government by guaranteeing safe delivery of confidential information over the Internet and by complying with federal export requirements.

NetDox ePackage is expected to be the first Internet messaging service to offer secure document delivery worldwide supported by digital certificates, document tracking and record retention. These features enable NetDox to provide its customers with complete document privacy, guaranteed message integrity, receipt verification and authentication of sender and receiver identity.

"NetDox is working with industry and the federal government to provide the highest levels of security and privacy for businesses exchanging sensitive and high-value information over the Internet," said Patrick Haynes, Chairman of NetDox. "The Internet is truly a global marketplace and our export approval allows us to facilitate commerce between businesses throughout the world."

NetDox ePackage will offer an Internet alternative for the secure delivery of sensitive business documents, such as legal briefs, contracts, insurance forms, financial documents and other high value confidential information. NetDox is currently conducting an extensive pilot test program that includes United Parcel Service and companies in the finance, healthcare, professional service and electronic commerce industries.

NetDox, a privately held company owned by Deloitte & Touche USA LLP and the Thurston Group, Inc., is dedicated to providing commercial-quality delivery of sensitive and high-value documents over the Internet. The NetDox service will be a general-purpose Internet messaging solution offering secure, global, end-to-end document delivery with verification, authentication and archival services provided by a commercially trusted third party. NetDox is located in Deerfield, Illinois. Additional information about NetDox can be found on the Internet at http://www.netdox.com .

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